family therapy in recovery

Family Therapy in Recovery

Family Therapy in Recovery Family therapy in recovery has played a central role in treating substance abuse. Family work has become a strong and continuing theme of many treatment programs for many reasons. For starters, the family has likely suffered from and in some cases, possibly attributed to a person’s addiction even if unintentionally.  Therefore,…

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medication-assisted treatment improves outcomes

How Medication-Assisted Treatment Improves Outcomes

Medication-Assisted Treatment Improves Outcomes Opioid overdoses cause one death every 20 minutes. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) improves outcomes, even more so when a treatment regimen that consists of a combination of psychosocial therapy MAT. Thus far, it has proven to be the most effective intervention to treat opioid use disorder (OUD). In fact, studies have shown…

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MDMA for treating alcoholsim

MDMA For Treating Alcoholism

MDMA For Treating Alcoholism MDMA for treating alcoholism is now being examined for its effectiveness in combating this disease. In discussing the mechanisms of action of MDMA it is importantto stress that there remains a lack of scientific consensus around it’s pharmacology. MDMA as most people know is the substance known as “ecstasy” in street…

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Rochester Drug Cooperative

Rochester Drug Cooperative: Opioid Investigation

The federal government on Tuesday charged a major drug distributor — Rochester Drug Cooperative – for the first time for its role in perpetuating the country’s deadly opioid epidemic. Rochester Drug Cooperative faces charges for conspiring to distribute drugs and defrauding the federal government — after the company didn’t report thousands of suspicious orders of…

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opioid lawsuits

Opioid Lawsuits: What’s Next?

Opioid Lawsuits: What’s Next? Purdue Pharma, facing a mountain of litigation linked to the opioid epidemic, filed for bankruptcy in New York this week. The OxyContin manufacturer and its owners, the Sackler family, have offered to pay billions of dollars to cities and counties hit hard by the addiction crisis. But that’s not good enough…

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what is addiction

What Is Addiction?

What is addiction? Addiction is a complex disease, often chronic in nature, which affects the functioning of the brain and body. It also causes serious damage to families, relationships, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. The most common symptoms of addiction are severe loss of control, continued use despite serious consequences, preoccupation with using, failed attempts to…

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Consequences of Addiction

We Look at the Consequences of Addiction The consequences of addiction go far beyond things like strained relationships and health risks. In fact, studies show how addiction leads to all sorts of unsavory consequences. The addiction epidemic remains the root of the crisis with no meaningful end in sight. Even in 2010, well before the…

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cutting negative influences

Cutting Negative Influences from Your Life

Cutting Negative Influences: One Key Component of Addiction Recovery Everyone wants to live a more positive life, but without cutting negative influences, you’re just holding yourself back.  They might come from the outside or from within you. Wherever they come from, there are hundreds of things that put dents in your motivation, self-confidence and happiness.…

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Trump opioid abuse plan

Trump’s Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse

Trump’s Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse This Administration secured $6 billion in new funding over two years to fight opioid abuse.The President’s Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse will: Reduce drug demand through education, awareness, and prevention efforts. Cut off the flow of illicit drugs across our borders and within communities. Save lives by expanding opportunities…

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Homelessness and Addiction

Homelessness and Addiction: How are the two related?   There are many stereotypes and stigmas pertaining to those who are homeless. Many people tend assume that they’re all drug addicts or alcoholics. While that’s not the case, there’s a strong correlation and relationship between the two groups. It’s probably not surprising to learn that people…

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How To Choose an Addiction Treatment Provider

  Choosing an addiction treatment provider Choosing an addiction treatment provider can be cumbersome. The internet is full of options and many of them make thinly veiled promises of a miraculous and speedy recovery. The truth is less glamorous. In reality, recovery can be a lifelong process. The longer a person has been wrapped up…

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opioid addiction treatment

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid Addiction and Treatment   What Are Opioids? Opioids are a class of drug that act on the body’s opioid receptors. While the term “opioid” previously referred to drugs derived from opium—a narcotic drug derived from the poppy—modern opioids can also be partially or totally synthetic. Within the context of medical use, opioids are most…

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signs of opioid addiction

Signs of Opioid Addiction

Signs of Opioid Addiction Opiates, also known as “opioid painkillers,” include prescription drugs such as hydrocodone, fentanyl and morphine. These substances are effective pain relievers when taken as directed by a physician. However, the calming effects that opioid painkillers produce are habit-forming and can lead to future patterns of abuse. As doctors continue to presecribe…

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finding addiction treatment

Finding an Addiction Treatment Provider

Finding Addiction Treatment Starts with an Assessment We’ve all heard stories about unscrupulous providers of addiction treatment services. In this country, addictio treatment has become a $35 billion industry, opening the floodgates for a host of unscrupulous operators who prey on vulnerable individuals and families. Many seem to follow a pattern: they provide a nice…

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Five Steps to Find Addiction Treatment for Your Son or Daughter

It’s every parent’s nightmare – your son or daughter is caught up in addiction. Substance abuse disorders can destroy a family in short order. The damage to your child’s health, career and relationships can be devastating. Knowing how to find addiction treatment is the first step in addressing the problem. Here are five steps to…

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relapse prevention plan

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan (and Should I Have One?)

Relapse prevention begins in treatment. In fact, relapse prevention is treatment. All of your progress in a drug rehab center works toward preventing future relapse. Entering treatment for drug or alcohol abuse can be one of the best choices you make in your life. Once you enter the program, you’ll have a comprehensive journey comprised…

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What’s An Intensive Outpatient Program?

Understanding the Intensive Outpatient Program An intensive outpatient program (or “IOP”) is designed to provide people the freedom to live off-site and still attend work or school while receiving addiction services. While some people use an IOP as their primary type of care, others may transition to an intensive outpatient program after completing a more…

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The Dangers of Fentanyl

Fentanyl: More Dangerous Than Heroin Fentanyl is an opioid drug, a synthetic substance based on the natural compound morphine. Other opioids include heroin and prescription narcotic painkillers like hydromorphone, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. Legal, prescription opioids like fentanyl are used most often to manage pain. Most are prescribed for moderate and chronic pain. Fentanyl is up to…

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What Is Aftercare, and Why Is It Important?

Aftercare: What Is It? Why Is It Important? Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder dramatically improves your chances of long-term successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment begins with Rehab or Detox (both terms refer to the same thing, generally speaking). Since the detox process only takes a week or two, the time…

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addiction recovery centers in california

Why Choose Addiction Treatment in California

Addiction Treatment Centers in California – Options and Differences If you’re going through or about to go through addiction recovery, you’ll want to start by doing research on your options. For starters, where will you go? There are some things you should know before you narrow your search. Probably the best piece of advice is that…

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eating disorders and addiction

The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Addiction

The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Addiction The correlation between eating disorders and addiction has been studied for many decades. The curiosity stems from the obvious: if one engages in unhealthy choices when it comes to substances, why would that not apply to other areas of one’s life? Eating disorders and addiction are frequently co-occurring.…

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addiction treatment

Rehab, Detox and Sober Living: What’s the Difference?

The Various Steps of Addiction Recovery Addiction comes in many forms, and so does recovery. It’s important to understand – and follow – all the steps to ensure the greatest chance of success. REHAB “Rehab” is a general term for intensive, supervised programs that are designed to get people weaned off of substances. The goal…

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relationships and substance abuse

The Connection Between Toxic Relationships and Substance Abuse

Relationships and substance abuse – What’s the Connection? A great deal of research has been done on the connection between relationships and substance abuse. The studies have looked a range of groups, from young to old as well as common relationships, such as those between parents and children and spouses or partners. More specifically, they’ve…

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staying sober during the holidays

How to Get Through the Holidays When In Recovery

Staying sober during the holidays is no easy task. As if holidays weren’t stressful enough, the added burden if trying to avoid potential relapse triggers is no easy task. Admitting this to yourself is step one. Having a plan in place is step two. We all have those relatives who drive us nuts or know…

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overcoming helplessness during recovery

Overcoming Helplessness During Recovery

Overcoming helplessness during the recovery process requires one to look holistically not only at oneself, but to those around him or her who might be playing a role in these feelings. Look for the source of your learned helplessness. Your learned helplessness may have taken root due to the circumstances of your development. Try to…

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celebrity substance abuse

How to Ignore Your Newsfeed When It Shows Substance Abuse

CELEBRITY SUBSTANCE – INSPIRATION OR TEMPTATION? Almost every day, it seems like another celebrity substance abuse issue shows up in the news. If you’re a person going through recovery, seeing this can trigger a lot of emotions – and even a bit of temptation. Celebrity substance abuse stories, while sad, prove that we are all…

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addiction and relationships

Addiction and Relationships: Tips for Getting (and staying) Sober

Addiction and Relationships Understanding the unique challenges of addiction and relationships is something that is not often spoken about publicly. Of course, during addiction recovery treatment, threre’s a great deal of discussion that goes on behind closed doors, both in therapy and among the couples themselves. No one can deny that when a spouse or…

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talking to kids about drugs

How to Talk to Your Kids About Media That Glamorizes Substance Abuse

It’s never too early to start talking to your children about substance abuse. The general consensus is that you should start these conversations as soon as children start asking question about drugs, drug related phrases or when they happen to catch glances of this activity in social media or in mainstream media.This holds true even if…

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harm reduction

What is Harm Reduction and How Does it Relate to Substance Abuse?

What is harm reduction? Harm reduction includes policies, programs and practices that aim to keep people safe and minimize death, disease, and injury from high risk behaviour, especially psychoactive substance use. Harm reduction recognizes that the high risk behavior may continue despite the risks. Harm reduction involves a range of support services and strategies to…

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substance abuse and stress

The Connection Between Stress and Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse and Stress: What’s the Connection? According to Sinha & Jastreboff, 2013, Stress is a key risk factor in addiction, recovery maintenance and relapse. This conclusion has been reaffirmed many times in research and shows a clear connection between substance abuse and stress. A stressful live combined with a lack of coping skills can contribute…

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friends in recovery

Five Ways You May Be Hurting Your Friend or Loved One In Recovery

With 23 million Americans in recovery, the chances are good that almost every person has loved ones or friends in recovery, either currently or at some time in their past. While it doesn’t matter if they’ve been sober for a few weeks or a few decades, you need to remember that they still are living with…

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Myths and Facts About the Causes of Addiction

Myths About Addiction As we’ve learned through research, there are many myths about addiction. We know that the concerns about gateway drugs are well founded, but gateway drugs are not the sole cause of addiction. There is a difference between correlation and causation. The use of these substances leading to addiction has more to do with…

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risk factors for addiction

What Are the Population Groups Most Vulnerable to Addiction and Substance Abuse in the U.S.?

In the United States, researchers have gone to great lengths to find traits in those who are caught up in addiction or substance abuse. The theory is that if they could identify the risk factors for addiction, great progress could be made in prevention and treatment. They looked at age, ethnicity, environmental factors, gender and…

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sober friend

How To Support Your Friend or Loved One in a Sober Living Home

The Role of a Sober Friend During Recovery With 23 million Americans in recovery, chances are pretty good that almost everyone knows someone that has been in recovery or is in recovery. In fact, we may know recovering addicts without ever knowing that they were addicts to begin with. As a sober friend, you’re going…

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outpatient addiction treatment

The History of Outpatient Programs in the U.S.

Outpatient addiction treatment is not a new concept. In fact, the history of outpatient addiction treatment goes back more than 150 years. This makes sense given that psychoactive drugs have been used in some form starting as early as human civilizations began to emerge. Despite thousands of years of experimentation with the substances, it wasn’t…

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alcohol addiction treatment

Treatment Options for Alcoholism: Pros, Cons & Our Approach

Much has been written about alcohol addiction treatment largely because there is no one solution that’s right for everyone. For alcoholics, this can be especially frustrating because they’re looking for a one-stop shop and a quick remedy. The simple fact of the matter is that addiction doesn’t happen overnight and as such, there’s no overnight…

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sleeping pill addiction

What You Need to Know About Sleeping Pill Addiction

Sleeping Pill Addiction: Yup, it’s still a thing Sleeping pill addiction, made famous in the 1950s, continues to be a problem in the U.S. Among adults, problems with sleeping pills are common and as many as four percent  ― that’s nearly 10 million people ― use them, according to an estimate published in 2013 from the U.S. Centers…

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family problems during recovery

Dealing With Family Problems During Recovery

Bringing Up Old Feelings At some point during the recovery process, things will get very real. Understanding one’s addiction will eventually require some painful self-reflection. You’ll need to look at what caused you to succumb to the temptation that ultimately led to your addiction. Being honest with oneself is the only way to treat the…

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Emergency Rooms and Withdrawal: Can They Help?

The Role of Emergency Rooms and Withdrawal In this article, we’ll address a few of the issues surrounding the role of emergency rooms and withdrawal including: Withdrawal in an Emergency Room Choosing Treatment To Help Manage Withdrawal Detox and Addiction Recovery Treatment It’s probably well-known that emergency rooms are equipped to handle patients going through…

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what are the different types of alcoholics

What Are the Different Types of Alcoholics?

In 2007, there was a report released from National Institutes Of Health which, at the time, was led by Dr. Howard B. Moss who served as the Associate Director for Clinical and Translational Research at NIAAA. This report identified five different types of alcoholics. This report has served as a guideline in the evaluation process…

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How Does Outpatient Therapy Strengthen My Recovery?

Outpatient Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you may be reviewing options for rehabilitation programs. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your addiction, you may be looking for medically assisted detox or inpatient care, or even searching online for “outpatient drug rehab…

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What’s the Benefit of Gender-Specific Treatment?

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment Programs Addiction is a disease that affects both men and women, but that doesn’t mean each gender benefits from exactly the same approach to treatment. Since the sexes have some inherent differences, it stands to reason that their experiences with substance abuse will differ. Gender-specific treatment programs have some definite…

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non religious AA

Does Addiction Treatment Require a Higher Power?

Addiction treatment is an area already engulfed in many debates as to what approach is most effective, but no debate has been more heated than the discussions on the controversial role of 12-step programs. For those looking for non religious AA programs, the 12 step program is a touchy subject. The 12-step program is based…

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Six Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company About Paying for Outpatient Therapy

Insurance Coverage for Outpatient Treatment One proactive step to Rehab is to talk to your insurance provider to see if your insurance plan provides for outpatient treatment for addiction. Since one of the most complicated parts of selecting a rehab or outpatient treatment facility is figuring out how to pay for it, exploring your options…

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How to Repair Broken Relationships in Recovery

Knowing how to repair broken relationships in recovery is a skill you will need to master. While it won’t happen overnight, with hard work and commitment, consistent, positive and healthy behaviors can help fix a relationship. Once you’ve completed an addiction treatment program and have achieved sobriety, there are many things you can do to…

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How to Overcome Loneliness in Addiction Recovery

The period that follows drug or alcohol rehab is the time to start building or rebuilding your social support network–sometimes, it means starting over completely. Overcoming loneliness in recovery depends upon how willing the individual is to reach out to others to make meaningful connections. This process is daunting and feelings of loneliness can creep…

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