What Is Aftercare, and Why Is It Important?

Aftercare: What Is It? Why Is It Important? Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder dramatically improves your chances of long-term successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment begins with Rehab or Detox (both terms refer to the same thing, generally speaking). Since the detox process only takes a week or two, the time…

addiction recovery centers in california

Why Choose Addiction Treatment in California

Addiction Treatment Centers in California – Options and Differences If you’re going through or about to go through addiction recovery, you’ll want to start by doing research on your options. For starters, where will you go? There are some things you should know before you narrow your search. Probably the best piece of advice is that…

eating disorders and addiction

The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Addiction

The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Addiction The correlation between eating disorders and addiction has been studied for many decades. The curiosity stems from the obvious: if one engages in unhealthy choices when it comes to substances, why would that not apply to other areas of one’s life? Eating disorders and addiction are frequently co-occurring.…

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Rehab, Detox and Sober Living: What’s the Difference?

The Various Steps of Addiction Recovery Addiction comes in many forms, and so does recovery. It’s important to understand – and follow – all the steps to ensure the greatest chance of success. REHAB “Rehab” is a general term for intensive, supervised programs that are designed to get people weaned off of substances. The goal…

relationships and substance abuse

The Connection Between Toxic Relationships and Substance Abuse

Relationships and substance abuse – What’s the Connection? A great deal of research has been done on the connection between relationships and substance abuse. The studies have looked a range of groups, from young to old as well as common relationships, such as those between parents and children and spouses or partners. More specifically, they’ve…

staying sober during the holidays

How to Get Through the Holidays When In Recovery

Staying sober during the holidays is no easy task. As if holidays weren’t stressful enough, the added burden if trying to avoid potential relapse triggers is no easy task. Admitting this to yourself is step one. Having a plan in place is step two. We all have those relatives who drive us nuts or know…

overcoming helplessness during recovery

Overcoming Helplessness During Recovery

Overcoming helplessness during the recovery process requires one to look holistically not only at oneself, but to those around him or her who might be playing a role in these feelings. Look for the source of your learned helplessness. Your learned helplessness may have taken root due to the circumstances of your development. Try to…

addiction and relationships

Addiction and Relationships: Tips for Getting (and staying) Sober

Addiction and Relationships Understanding the unique challenges of addiction and relationships is something that is not often spoken about publicly. Of course, during addiction recovery treatment, threre’s a great deal of discussion that goes on behind closed doors, both in therapy and among the couples themselves. No one can deny that when a spouse or…