Sober Living Strengthens Recovery

Early recovery is an exciting time. It’s full of hope, optimism and camaraderie, because you’re discovering a whole world of people who’ve been through what you’re going through. It’s also a time to learn how to put your recovery skills to work, learning how to identify and anticipate triggers and how to cope with cravings—all without endangering your sobriety.

Staying in a sober living facility while you attend an outpatient treatment program reinforces your sobriety. Participating in Renaissance Recovery’s intensive outpatient program while living in the supportive brotherhood of the sober living community at The District Recovery Community is a successful combination for many people as they transition from full-time residential care to independent living.

Combining a sober living program with an IOP that focuses on enriching your life with vocational skills and tools to cope with potential relapse triggers maximizes your success in recovery. Renaissance Recovery partners with The District Recovery Community’s sober living program to provide clients the best possible care throughout all stages of treatment. No details of your care will be overlooked.

Explore Sober Living Homes at The District Recovery Community

The District Recovery Community

The District Recovery Community is a group of people who have come together to grow through a shared experience: addiction. We strive together as a community to instill experience, strength and hope within each other so we can move forward positively in our lives, learning to adapt to a life of sobriety—one day at a time.

The District Recovery Community provides:

  • On-site house manager
  • Community activities
  • Life skills – tutoring, job assistance
  • Transportation
  • Yoga, workouts and nutrition plans

Learn More About The District’s Sober Living Program

Why The District’s Sober Living Program Is Right for You

You’ll join a community of people just like yourself—people who know what it’s like to be in recovery and are facing the same challenges. A sober living program benefits your peace of mind and your recovery.

The District Recovery Community offers you:

  • Safety
  • Mentorship
  • Personal Accountability
  • An Extraordinary Brotherhood
  • Fun in Recovery

Women’s Sober Living Programs

The District Recovery Community’s sober living program serves young men. If you seek a sober living program for women, please call for a referral to a quality program that matches your needs.